How to open an Activity

How to open an Activity

Activities can only be opened from the Lesson Plan Day view. To read more about how to navigate the Lesson Plan and get to the Lesson Plan Day view click here

On the Lesson Plan Day view there are Teaching Files that go along with each Lesson Activity. To open a Coding activity, click on the dropdown to the right and select the Prep, Teach, or Other option. 

  • Teacher-only_View.gif
    • Why are there options for Prep, Teach, and Other? 
      • Screen_Shot_2021-02-25_at_1.47.45_PM.png 
      • The Prep option is a practice starter file that you can use to code a lesson activity while you are practicing or prepping for class. 
      • The Teach option Is the code starter file that you will use when you are ready to teach the activity in class.
      • The Other option allows you to create a new code starter file for that particular activity. This is useful if you want to practice coding a lesson activity multiple times, or if you make a mistake and want to start over. 
    • Opening an activity to present to the class with the presentation tabs?  Read more about that here.

To open Assessments, select the dropdown to the right and select either the Assessment or the Answer Key version of the Assessment. 

    • Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_7.11.59_AM.png

To open anything else, such as Slides, Lesson Notes, Lesson Videos click on the link itself. 

    • Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_7.13.00_AM.png


Switching between the Lesson Plan Day and Week view

When on the Lesson Plan Day or Week view you can switch to the other view by selecting "Day" or "Week" from the dropdown.

  • Switch_to_Day_Week_View.png

To get to a specific day from the Week view, click on the date

  • In this example, clicking on Tue, Oct 13 takes you to the Lesson Plan Day view for Oct 13. 
    • Navigate_from_Week_to_specific_Day.png

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