Lesson Plan Overview: Day & Week Views

In this article, you will learn how to utilize your Lesson Plan through each of its sections: 


Viewing in Day View

The Lesson Plan: Day View is the default view you will see after you log in. The Lesson Plan provides a visual layout of what’s included in the day's lesson, including pacing information.  


Here, you can make all of the same changes you can make on the Week View: 

  • unlocking/locking assignments
  • changing assignment duration
  • rearranging activities
  • changing student difficulty levels

This page is also where you open assignments to present to the class, or to prep for class.

59060c9a0cbeef0acff9a65d.png Interactive Demos below


Recent Projects

The Recent Projects section, in the top right corner, allows you to view projects recently worked on. Here, you have the ability to create a new, blank program of your own or rename, delete, open in a new tab, or present it to the class directly.


Selecting "Open in a new tab" will open the code project in a new browser tab. This allows you to keep the Lesson Plan view open in one tab and see the code for that project in another.

The "Present" option opens the activity in Presentation View. This will open the Code View in the current tab, and launch the PRESENT tab to be shared with your class.

  • You can use this feature to create a new coding exercise and project it in front of the classroom for instructional purposes.



Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide, shown in the lower right section of the page, is a resource for you to use when you are prepping for a class. The Teacher’s Guide has 3 sections: Objectives, Topics, and Alerts, and provides you with a quick reference to use when preparing for a lesson.



In the Objectives section, the Learning Targets and Learning Objectives for the lesson are provided. Each lesson is designed with learning objectives organized into 1 of 6 Bloom’s Taxonomy categories: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.


The Topics section provides a quick reference of the new computer science topics and the coding commands and structures introduced in the lesson.


The Alerts section identifies some Tricky Points and Errors you may run into during the lesson. These are the areas where many students will have problems. We have identified these areas so that you are better prepared to help students when you encounter these issues in class.



Switching to Week View

The week view provides you with a visual layout of the lesson plan for the week. It shows the learning trajectory for the lesson. 

If you have multiple classes that you are teaching, you can select which class you want to view by clicking on the Select Class drop-down menu in the upper right.





From the Lesson Plan Week View, you can navigate to the Lesson Plan Day View by clicking on the day header label at the top of each day.


Viewing Additional Information About An Activity

Teachers can click on a Lesson Activity Tile to view more information and access key actions for a given activity.



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