Uploading Activity Videos


Feature Summary

Teachers can upload a video to an Activity via the Lesson Activity Info Dialog. Teachers and students can view the video on the Code page by clicking “View Video” in the Assignment Panel.

  • Great for providing Asynchronous learning opportunities
  • Videos are recorded on your own using a software of your choice
  • Videos are available for your entire account, not per class. So you need to upload a video once for a given activity, then you can attach it to the given activity on other classes you have set up. 
  • Once a video has been uploaded it can be viewed on the Code page by clicking “View Video” in the Assignment Panel. The video can be moved and resized. 


How to use

Uploading a video


  1. Upload a video by clicking the Add Video button from the Lesson Activity Info Dialog.
    • Lesson_Activity_Info_Dialog_-_Attach_Video.png
    • You can also add a video by clicking on the arrow next to the TEACH button and then hovering over Instructional Options: 
    • Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 12.00.31 PM.png 
  2. Select video by selecting from the file system or drag and dropping. Then add a short description (optional).
    • Screen_Shot_2020-12-11_at_2.04.07_PM.png
    • Supported file types are .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, or .flv
  3. Select Upload and wait until the video upload has finished
    • Screen_Shot_2020-12-11_at_2.09.28_PM.png
  4. Once the video has finished uploading, the video still needs to be processed. The Video Upload Queue will appear in the bottom right corner of every page in the TechSmart Platform so that you can monitor the status of your video. You can minimize or close out of this at any time. 
    • VideoUploadQueue.png
    • ProcessingVideo.png
  5. Once the video has finished processing, the Video Upload Queue will show that the video has completed processing and is now ready to view. The video icon will appear on the Lesson Activity Tile with some animation to represent a video being ready to view for the activity. 
    • Lesson_Activity_Video_-_Attached_on_Lesson_Activity.png
    • ProcessingComplete.png

Viewing a video

  • Teachers and students can view the video on the Code page by clicking on “View Video” in the Assignment Panel. 
    • NOTE: After a video has been uploaded, it is not immediately available to view. The video still has to process and takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the size of the video.
    • Lesson_Activity_Video_-_View_Video.png


  • Move or resize the video player to best fit your needs. 
    • Move_and_Resize_Lesson_Activity_Video.gif


Uploading Videos Best Practices

  • Upload your videos to the TechSmart Platform at least 30 minutes to an hour before it is going to be used to ensure it is available. 

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