Dark Mode

TechSmart understands that for some people having a dark background with lighter text is preferred. While this feature is not currently available in the TechSmart Platform; there are some external resources that can change TechSmart to dark mode. 

Dark Reader: 

The Dark Reader Chrome extension will make any website (including TechSmart) dark with light text. Or it can be customized to change the contrast, brightness, grayscale or sepia. 

  • Click this link to go to the Chrome web store (free to install)
  • It will automatically change all pages to dark mode.
  • To change back go up to the extensions puzzle piece and click to select it. Screen_Shot_2021-11-09_at_12.16.05_PM.png
  • Then select the three small vertical dots next to Dark Reader.
  • Now click on "This Can Read and Change Site Data".
  • From there, select "When You Click the Extension". That will make it so when the Dark Reader icon is clicked a menu will appear to turn on or off dark screen mode. 

Invert Colors:

This is simply going to change to color of the entire computer. So for some this is preferred.

Windows 10:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard or click the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen. Then search for "Magnifier" in the search bar that appears. Open the search result that appears. 
  • Scroll down until "Invert colors" is visible. Then select this option.
  • This will invert all colors and part of the screen might be zoomed in. By setting zoom to 100%  the zoom aspect can be avoided. When Magnifier is closed the color will go back to normal.


  • On the desktop screen select the Options menu in the lower-right corner. Then click on the  "Settings" gear. 
  • A new menu will appear. Here find "Advanced" on the left side and select it.
  • Now select "Accessibility" and then "Manage accessibility features"
  • Then scroll to the Display section and then click "Use high contrast mode" to toggle invert screen colors.
  • To turn it off just click the toggle again to switch it back to its original position.


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