Adding a co-teacher to a class


Adding a co-teacher to a class allows 2 or more teachers to access the same exact classes to make changes and view student data.

How do I add a co-teacher when creating or editing a class?

If editing an existing class, you can edit by clicking on the 3-dots menu of the class from the Classes page.

Co-teachers can be added within the Course section of the class setup.



Enter the email address of each teacher you want to add then click ADD. Co-teachers will only be added to the class once their email address is in a green label next to the email input. 



What should I do if no user account is found for the teacher I need to add? 

If the teacher you are trying to add does not already have an account with TechSmart, you will get this message when trying to add them:


If you would like to add a co-teacher who does not have a TechSmart teacher account, please contact or message us on Live Support with the following information:

  • First name, last name, and email address for the co-teacher you'd like to add
  • A brief explanation of how this teacher is supporting your classes and why they need co-teacher access


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