Course Syllabi, Handbooks, and Guides



Skylark: CS10-CS30
Middle School Python: CS101-CS102
High School Python: CS201-CS204
Web Development: CS301-CS302


Skylark: CS10 – CS30

Teacher Handbook for CS10-30

CS10: Coding in Skylark 1

CS20: Coding in Skylark 2

CS30: Transition to Python 1


Middle School Python: CS101 – CS102 

Teacher Handbook for CS101-102

CS101: Coding in Python 1

CS102: Coding in Python 2


High School Python: CS201 – CS204

Teacher Handbook for CS201-204

CS201: Coding in Python 1

CS202: Coding in Python 2

CS203: Coding in Python 3

CS204: Coding in Python 4


Web Development: CS301 – CS302

CS301: Coding in HTML & CSS

CS302: Coding in JavaScript


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