Which Projector Settings option should I select?

Where is this setting?

When you are creating or editing a class, this is a setting available in the Course page. 


note: This setting is not available for Skylark Courses.


Which option should I select?

Combined (1 presentation tab Option)

If you only have 1 Classroom Display that students can view, you'll need to toggle back and forth between Slides and Code based on which view is most important for students to see during instruction. 

one display.png

One presentation window will appear when you click the Present button Screen_Shot_2021-05-12_at_7.29.14_AM.pngwith an activity open. You'll need to switch between presenting the Slides or Code while teaching by clicking the Present button again and selecting the view to change to.



Separate (2 presentation tabs) Option

If you only have 2 Classroom Displays that students can view, you'll be able to share the Slides and Code view simultaneously, as shown below.two displays.png



Can I change this setting later?

 Yes! If at a later time you want to change the setting, go to edit the class, change the Projector Settings, and then apply the changes. 



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