Extending Class Expiration


When does a class expire? 

A class expires 4 weeks after the end date of the class. The end date was entered when setting up the class using the Class Setup Wizard. 

After the end date of the class, you will see a yellow banner on the Lesson Plan page warning you that the class will expire soon and provide you a link to extend the end date.



What happens when a class is archived?

Once a class is archived, teachers and students do not have access to the class. 

All coding projects opened from that class is still available to open through My Code. 


How do I extend the class expiration date?

  1. Go the Classes page and click edit on the class you want to extend the end date on
  2. Go to the Calendar section of the Class Setup Wizard and change the end date.
    NOTE: The class will expire 4 weeks after the date entered here. 
  3. Go to the Summary section of the Class Setup Wizard and scroll to the bottom to press "APPLY"

Downloading the Gradebook

Typically, the most valuable information after the class has ended is the Gradebook.
You can download the Gradebook before the class expires to keep a record of this information. Read more...



How do I access a class after it has expired?

If you need to access a class after it has expired please contact TechSmart Support and request that we restore the class you are looking for.

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