Resetting All Student Passwords

Feature Summary

Teachers can reset the password for the entire class from the Gradebook.

  • Select the Reset All Student Passwords in the Gradebook.
  • The default password will be set back to "code" and students will be prompted to change their password after initial login.

NOTE: Reset All Student Passwords is disabled for districts that are set up to use a Single Sign-on Provider such as Classlink, Clever, or Google because passwords are no longer managed by TechSmart. Read more...


How to use

  1. Click on the More Menu in the Gradebook
  2. Select the Reset All Student Passwords option
  3. Confirm that you want to change all student passwords in the class back to "code".  
    • All student passwords are set back to "code" and they will be asked to change their password upon initial sign in. 


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