Transferring a Student to Another Class

Feature Summary

Teachers can transfer a student from one class to another from the Gradebook.

  • Click on a student name in the Gradebook and click the transfer button. You will be prompted to select which class to move the student to.
  • If the class that the student is being moved to doesn’t have all of the activities from the original class, you will be prompted with which activities are missing and have the option to download the gradebook to have records of the student work up to that point.
  • Activities that can’t be moved to the new class will still be available in the student’s My Code page.


How to use

  1. Click on a student name to open the Student Info Dialog

  2. Click the Transfer Student button

  3. Select which class to move the student to and press TRANSFER
    • If there are activities that can’t be transferred, you will be prompted with a list of activities that can’t be transferred to the new class. You will also be given the option to export the Gradebook to retain record of the student work before transferring the student. It is strongly recommended to export the gradebook during this step.
    • Gradebook_TransferStudent_UnmovableActivities.png


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