How to Navigate the Code Editor in an Assignment


Assignment Panel

Find information including assignment descriptions, requirements, and challenges in the Assignment Panel.

There may be assignments that require you to answer multiple choice and short answer response questions in this panel.



Code Assist Panel

Look to the Code Assist Panel on the left if you need to find coding terms and/or syntax. Select between different coding concepts to find the terms you are looking for. You can also search for a specific term using the search bar at the top of the code assist tab.


Project Panel

The Project Panel contains code files, images, sounds, data, and fonts. As you progress in the course, you'll use this panel more frequently. 


Turning in an Assignment

In the bottom-right corner, click theScreen_Shot_2022-09-09_at_10.15.09_AM.png icon.

You will be prompted to give feedback on the level of comfort and enjoyment for the coding exercise. Click “OK” and your assignment will be submitted.

Your assignment status will update to "Turned In" and include the date and time that you submitted the assignment. 


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