How to Navigate the Assignment Page


Getting to the Assignment Page

Select the menu icon at the top left of the page, which is represented by three bars. Select the first option, labeled “Assignments.” 



Current and Previous Assignments

Navigate through all of your assignments with the Assignments list on the left side of the page, along with the homework list below it. The list will display the assignments for a selected day, as well as their due dates.

Opening the Assignments page will automatically direct you to the current day. To move forward or back a day, select the forward or backward arrows located at the top of the assignments list. To select a specific day, click on the calendar icon next to the arrows and select the date of the assignment(s) you wish to access. If you wish to return to the list of present day assignments, just click on “Today”.



Recent Projects

At the top right of the assignments page are the “Recent Projects.” This section displays the projects and assignments that you’ve opened most recently.


Past Due Assignments

To the right of the assignments list, under “Recent Projects,” is “Past due.” Any assignments that were not completed on time will appear here, regardless of what day is selected.


Lesson Resources & Upcoming Announcements

Lesson resources are resources added by your teacher which may include notes, vocabulary, and tutorial slides, among other things.

The “Upcoming” section displays upcoming tests and quizzes for your class.



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