How to Search for Specific Sprites

The TechSmart platform doesn't currently have a built-in search function in the Sprite library. 

To search for a specific Sprite, we recommend using a web browser's built-in search function. The search function can be pulled up on a Windows device with the keyboard keys CTRL + F and on a Mac with Command + F. 

Hot to use the browser search function in the TechSmart Sprite Library:

First, access the search function on a Windows device with CTRL + F or with Command + F on a Mac device.

  1. Type a Sprite name or key word into the search function bar
    • If the word matches any Sprite names available, the browser will automatically scroll to the first Sprite it matches
    • Sprite names that match will be highlighted in orange/yellow
  2. If there are multiple matches, use the ^ and v arrows located in the search bar to navigate between matching Sprites. 

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 3.14.25 PM.png



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