I'm experiencing issues with Zoom, what should I do?



What should I do if I can't hear anyone or they can't hear me?

  • If using an external microphone or speaker, ensure it is fully plugged in on both ends of the device. 

  • Check that the device hasn't been muted in the computer's settings. The following are basic instructions that should work for most computers to correct this:

        1. Open settings
        2. Navigate to the sound section
        3. Check input(microphone) and output(speakers)
        4. If multiple devices are plugged in; insure the correct choice is selected
  • Check the device selected in Zoom to make sure that is correct

  • Try joining the Zoom meeting by phone. Follow the steps below:

        1. Open the email TechSmart sent with the Zoom Meeting details on a smartphone
        2. Click the link to join the Zoom Meeting (still on the smartphone)
        3. Make sure to connect to audio

My screen doesn't seem to be set up right (I can't see the instructors' screen share)

  1. Set up Speaker view by going to the top right-hand corner and clicking icon.png View
  2. In the drop-down menu select Speaker


3. Make sure dual monitors is off; by first going to the Video menu in the lower left-hand corner

4. In the menu select Video Settings


5. Finally, go to General. The top option is Use dual monitors. The box should be UNCHECKED


I have spotty internet, what can I do?

  • Try Joining the Zoom Meeting by Phone
  • Try ethernet cable or hotspot
  • Possible to move to another location (coffee shop, school or library)
  • If persistent/difficult change training to either asynchronous or to a different date

I'm getting reverb/echo when I un-mute myself, how do I fix that?

This happens when using multiple devices that are connected to Zoom audio. Determine which device should be disconnected. For example, two computers are connected, the main one for working off of and grabbing links, the second for audio and visual. That main computer should be disconnected from Zoom audio by following these steps:

  1. Find the microphone in the bottom left-hand corner of Zoom 
  2. Open the menu and select Leave Computer Audio (if doing this on a phone it will be Leave Phone Audio)

  3. If this doesn't solve the problem, Check the device selected in Zoom to make sure that is correct

  4. After trying these steps, the problem should be resolved. If not please try using earbuds or a headset or informing your instructor. 


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