Do I have to remember everything the instructors say during my TechSmart training?

We hope you come away from training with a plethora of new tools and knowledge, but we recognize that the amount of information given to you is immense! Just like with your own students, we know that learning doesn't always stick the first time. 

We recommend using the following resources to recall learning from your Bootcamp Trainings: 

  • Training Guide
    • Your course-specific training doc is the one-stop-shop for answers to questions related to training logistics, as well as links to your training class, lesson guides, slide decks shared in training, and Help Center articles geared toward teaching new TechSmart teachers. 
  • Instructional Training Videos
  • Practice & Review Activities within your Student Account
    • Access activities as a student any time by logging in with your s-email username.
      • Remember: Your username will include your district-specific email handle.
      • For example:
    • Can't recall the password for your student account? Reach out to and we can reset that for you!
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