How to Use Split-Screen on Your Computer




This guide is designed to walk you through setting up your learning environment to display the TechSmart Platform and Zoom.


Setting Up Your Split Screen

If you are unable to utilize a second monitor this summer, setting your computer up to use split screen is crucial to being successful during bootcamps. By using split screen, you will be able to see what is being shared by your instructors in the Zoom meeting and see the TechSmart Platform at the same time.


Each operating system has a slightly different set of steps required to use split screen. Click the appropriate link below to follow the steps for your computer's operating system.

Mac OS

  1. Hover your pointer over the full-screen button (green circle) in the upper-left corner of a window or click and hold the button.
  2. Choose "Tile Window to Left of the Screen" or "Tile Window to the Right of the Screen" from the menu. The window will then fill that side of the screen.
  3. Then click a window on the other side of the screen to begin using both windows side by side.




  1. Click and hold the top of the window and drag it to the left or the right. When a light outline of where the window will appear on the screen, release the mouse.
  2. On the opposite side of the screen. Click one of the other windows.Windows.gif


Chrome OS

  1. Click and hold down the maximize button. Screenshot_2023-05-11_at_8.45.36_AM.png This button is located at the top right of your window.
  2. Click one of the arrows that appears on the sides of the maximize. These arrows will move your window left or right.
  3. Repeat this process for your second window.
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