How do I add a student if the student doesn't have SSO set up yet?


In the case that your district has been set up to use a Single Sign-on (SSO) provider such as Classlink, Clever, or Google, but a student does not have access to the SSO provider that your district uses, then an account can be manually created for them. 

This may occur with new students joining the district who have not been properly set up yet to use the SSO options at your district.



  1. From the Gradebook, click on the 3 dot menu 
  2. Select "Add Student" 
  3. You will see a dialog appear explaining what choices you have to add a student to your class. It is suggested that if they are able to sign in with a SSO provider they use the Class Join Code method. Read more about how to add a student using the Class Join Code here. If you do need to add a student manually click "ADD STUDENT" and follow the remaining steps. 
  4. You must enter the student's first name, last name and student ID.
  5. Click "OK"
  6. A dialog will appear saying the student has been added and instructions with their username and password is to sign in.


At a later time once the student has access to a SSO provider, the student can link their account to the SSO provider by going to "Sign in settings" in the account menu. Read more about that here


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