How do I know if my district has SSO set up with TechSmart?


Check "Sign-in Settings" in the account menu

"Sign-in Settings" option is disabled

This means that no SSO providers are set up for your district.

  • Sign_in_settings_disabled.png


"Sign-in Settings" option is enabled

This means that at least one SSO provider has been setup for your district. 

  • Sign_in_settings_menu_active.png


To find out which SSO provider(s) are set up for your district click on "Sign-in Settings" and you will see which SSO providers are available to link to your TechSmart account. 

  • Sign_in_settings_dialog.pngNOTE: SSO provider(s) marked as "Recommended" have been identified by your district as the one that is suggested for students and teacher to use. 


What can I do to set up SSO with TechSmart?

We are proactively reaching out to every district to get SSO set up! 

If you would like to see SSO set up earlier please have your district IT team reach out to us at

When we have the SSO provider(s) properly set up in the TechSmart Platform for your district we will email all TechSmart teachers within the district to announce that SSO is now available along with further instructions and guides. 


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