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In the Student Info Dialog, to the right of the student's name there is a TechSmart logo to represent that the student signs in using the TechSmart username/password.


If the student has their account linked to a SSO provider then the company logo for the SSO provider will appear here as well.

To read more about how the Student Info Dialog works with SSO click here


Transfer Student

To transfer a student from their current class to one of your other classes click on the Screen_Shot_2021-04-21_at_7.28.12_AM.pngbutton in the top right. For more information on transferring a student click here


First name, Last name, Student email, Grade

These are the fields that a teacher can change as needed. 


Student ID and Username

Student ID and Username cannot be changed since that is how usernames are generated in the TechSmart Platform. 

For assistance in changing a Student ID or Username please contact TechSmart Support


Reset Password

Passwords are not viewable by a teacher.

What a teacher can do is reset the student's password by clicking "Reset Password". 

Their password will be set back to the default of "code" and the student will be prompted to change their password upon initial sign in. 


Difficulty Level

Change the default difficulty level for a student so that any future assignment that they open with difficulty levels is the correct level for them. 

To read more about difficulty levels click here

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