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To learn to code you have to, well.. code! We know you empower your students with our platform to do just that. We also understand the need to simply 'unplug' for a day while still giving students opportunities to read, comprehend, and analyze code.

These resources intend to build upon student coding knowledge by strengthening universal programming skills like debugging and program analysis




Use these resources on their own, or use them as an extension to assignments already found on the TechSmart platform.

All Worksheets & Answer Keys can be found here


You can also tailor our resources to your classroom's needs. Make editable copies of each resource for yourself with the link below:

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Worksheets Currently Offered

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Unit 1 Debugging

Students will analyze and correct a variety of Python coding errors they may encounter throughout Unit 1 of the TechSmart curriculum.

We recommend having students complete this activity once they have worked through Lesson 1.3 - Expressions. 


Unit 2 Debugging

Students will analyze and correct a variety of Python coding errors they may encounter throughout Unit 2 of the TechSmart curriculum. This activity expands on debugging practices from Unit 1 by further examining logical errors; allowing students to explain why a program can run without error, but not work as intended. 

We recommend having students complete this activity during Lesson 2.6 - Debugging.


Lesson 2.7 Program Analysis "Ten Guesses", "Card Wars", "Last Cookie"

Paper copies of the Program Analysis assignments on the TechSmart platform. These worksheets also allow students to practice writing descriptive, but concise comment headers for each code section.

Note: "Ten Guesses" does not have a platform-based Program Analysis assignment in Lesson 2.7. "Last Cookie" and "Card Wars" do.


Lesson 2.7 "Card Wars" & "Last Cookie" cutout & ordering activity

Note: We recommend doing this activity before viewing these programs on the TechSmart platform.

Students will analyze code sections along with each section's #Comment Header to determine each feature's correct order and placement to construct the functioning program. 


Student-Created Gameshow Review Questions worksheet

Help students review concepts that will appear on Lesson Checks, Quizzes, and Unit Tests by having them write their own multiple-choice review questions that can be used on 'gameshow' review sites like Kahoot, Quizziz, Quizlet, Gimkit, etc...


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