Switch between Teacher and Student Views


Feature Summary

Teachers can switch between the two sides of the Platform so that they can experience the student side while being logged in as a teacher.

  • Use to see what students are going to see and experience in your class and get screenshots or videos if needed.
  • Have one central My Code that contains all coding projects opened as a student and as a teacher. 


NOTE: Teachers with a separate student account (Typically starting with "s-") are still accessible.



How to use

Switch to Student View

    1. Click on the account menuAccount_Menu.png
    2. Click on "View as Student" View_as_Student_option.png
    3. You will now be viewing as a Student and there is a yellow banner at the top you can close out of.
    • If you are on a page that is available by both teachers and students and then switch to the student view you will be on the same page. Otherwise, you will be taken to the Student Assignments page. 
    • All classes you have created will be accessible from the student view.


Switch to Teacher view

    1. Click on the account menu

    2. Click on "View as Teacher"
    3. You will be returned to the teacher view. 
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