What do Different Colored Activity Tiles Stand for?

Each of different colored tiles represent a specific type of Lesson Activity. There are four Lesson Activity types:


Purple represents Teacher Whole Group led Lesson Activities. These are teacher-guided activities where the teacher leads, stepping students through the material providing instruction and guidance and students follow along coding in lock-step with the teacher.


Blue represents student independent Lesson Activities. Students can work on these activities either individually, in pairs or small differentiated groups. During these activities teachers are free to move about the classroom and work with individual students or a provide differentiated instruction to a group.

Orange (Python Only)

Orange represents lesson resources. These are Lesson Activities that support the lesson. There are 2 types of Lesson Resources: 1) Lesson Videos - 2) Lesson Notes. Lesson videos are a 5-10 min video that is a re-teach of the teachers whole group instruction for the lesson. Lesson Notes are a note taking exercise where students take notes on the lesson using AVID Cornell Notes, which is the gold standard of note taking.

Pink (Python Only) 

Pink represents assessments. Each lesson has a formative assessment called a Lesson Check. This is a 5-7 question assessment that is designed to measure students progress toward achieving the Lesson’s learning targets. Each unit has summative assessments, which are Quizzes (15- 20 questions) and Tests (25- 30 questions).


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