What version of Python/PyGame does the TechSmart Platform use?


In order to run in the browser, the TechSmart Platform uses a complex sequence of steps to translate Python code into Javascript. Because of this, there can sometimes be some disparities with what is available in Python and what is implemented on the TechSmart Platform.

In general, the version of Python used by the TechSmart Platform most closely resembles Python 3.4. 

For PyGame, the library had to be re-implemented in order to be supported in the browser. The TechSmart Platform implements a subset of the PyGame 1.9.4 API to support the TechSmart Curriculum, with most functionality from PyGame 1.9.4 being available.

The TechSmart Curriculum provides the baseline of what parts of Python and libraries are available in the TechSmart Platform. In general, you can refer to Code Assist to see documentation for the PyGame commands that are implemented on the TechSmart Platform. If there are any specific commands or libraries that you are curious about, feel free to contact support directly with specific questions. 

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