Setting up SSO with TechSmart


The TechSmart Platform has integrations with Google, Classlink, and Clever that allow students to sign in to our online learning platform with one of those single sign on providers.

The set up process is slightly different for each provider. 

Classlink and Clever have a district ID that may not be commonly known that needs to be provided to TechSmart so that we can properly set up your district. 

For Google we just need the domain(s) that you would like supported at your district as your district ID. 

Method 1 - Provide TechSmart with vendor accounts for each SSO option

  1. For each of the SSO providers (Classlink, Clever, Google) you want to set up with TechSmart, provide us with teacher and student vendor accounts.
  2. Complete this form to provide us with the necessary information. 

Method 2 - Attempt to sign in to TechSmart with each of the SSO providers

  1. Visit the TechSmart sign-in page at:
  2. Select a sign in option (Classlink, Clever, or Google)
  3. If you are not already signed in to the SSO provider selected you will be prompted to sign in.
  4. You will an error message appear saying that your district is not set up with TechSmart
  5. Get the district ID
    • Option 1: Copy the entire URL for the page with the error message above. The district ID is within this URL. 
    • Option 2: Hover over your district name for a few seconds and a tooltip will appear with the district ID. 
  6. Complete this form to provide us with the necessary information to complete set up on our end.


Add TechSmart to Classlink / Clever

Classlink and Clever both have an application portal that students can access and use as a central place to open applications and automatically be signed in. 

To add TechSmart as an option for your students please search for "TechSmart" in the Classlink or Clever application library and add us. 


Account creation and rostering

TechSmart uses the Class Join Code system to provide the teacher with greater control over their roster in the TechSmart Platform. 

This makes supporting the OneRoster standard for integrations with Classlink or Clever unnecessary. 

Read more about TechSmart's process for account creation and rostering

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