Difficulty Levels for CS10 (Skylark)

Every hands-on coding exercise and project includes four distinct levels of difficulty, so you can place students on a level matching their ability with the appropriate level of scaffolding support and challenge. Difficulty levels range from Level 2, guided support with solution code accessible for each line, to Level 5, a completely blank file with no additional scaffolding.

There are three types of activities in CS 10 that have Difficulty Levels available:

  • Coding Technique Practice
  • Teacher Code Writing
  • Student Code Writing

A summary of the support available to students in each level is shown in the table below:

Next, we'll look at how to customize Difficulty Levels for an activity in the demo below:


Changing Difficulty Levels

Activities with Difficulty Levels

As a reminder, not every activity has Difficulty Levels available. Activities with Difficulty Levels are easily recognizable from the Lesson Plan by looking for the 5 Difficulty Level dots below the type of activity on its tile.


59060c9a0cbeef0acff9a65d.png Interactive Demo below

Change Difficulty Levels from the Lesson Plan


More On Changing Difficulty Levels

Changing an Individual Student’s Difficulty Level

Changing the Class Difficulty Level for all Students

Changing a Student's Difficulty Level from the Gradebook

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