How to use an Arcade interactive demo


When you get to interactive demos in an article, you'll see the text:

59060c9a0cbeef0acff9a65d.png Interactive Demo below

  1. Progress through the Arcade demo by clicking on the purple, pulsing circle indicators called "hotspots".
  2. Read and click the hotspot to progress forward. If you would like to go back, hover your mouse over the bottom of the Arcade to display the progress bar. Click on the step you'd like to go back to: Screen_Shot_2023-02-02_at_10.27.57_AM.png
  3. If you want to go through the interactive demo again, you can click "Replay demo" icon Screen_Shot_2022-06-09_at_12.41.30_PM.png in the top bar of the Arcade


59060c9a0cbeef0acff9a65d.png Interactive Demo below


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