PCEP and PCAP Testing Vouchers

Ordering PCEP and PCAP Test Vouchers

The Python Institute has kindly offered bulk discount packages for the school districts that partner with TechSmart.  Along with acquiring the exam + retake vouchers for your students, we highly recommend including the practice tests for your students to experience what the exams may consist of.  With the practice test voucher, variations of the practice test can essentially be taken up to 15 times with detailed reviews of each attempt.  This will be valuable preparation for students before moving on to the actual exam. To inquire about discounts for exam and practice test vouchers, you can email Roobed Trejo at roobed.trejo@openedg.org or support@openedg.org.  Make sure to mention that you use TechSmart's curriculum in your inquiry.

The general test voucher ordering sites can be found here:

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