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This guide is designed to walk you through setting up your teaching environment to display the correct content in your classroom with the TechSmart Platform.


Setting Up Your Extended Display

Setting your computer up to be using other displays as an "Extended Display" is crucial when using the TechSmart Platform. 

Each operating system has a slightly different set of steps required to extend the display. Click the appropriate link below to follow the steps for your computer’s operating system.

Once you have set your computer to “Extend Display” continue to the next section


Open Activity With The Classroom Setup Button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png

From the Lesson Plan

When opening a coding activity from the Lesson Plan Day view there is the option to either open up just the activity or open it up and launch the additional tabs that are to be presented to students.  

To open up the activity with the additional tab(s) click the Classroom Setup Button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png when selecting the Prep, Teach, or Other version of the assignment.


NOTE: Opening the Teach version with the Classroom Setup Button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png automatically unlocks the assignment for students.


From the Code view

If you opened the activity from the Day View page but the "Present Slides" tab does not appear, you can click on the Slides/Code toggle button and select either one, which will open a new tab:





Pull the PRESENT tab out to a separate browser window to present

Once you've opened the new tab, you will want to click and drag the tab out into its own browser window.

Now you can move this separate PRESENT window to your extended Classroom Display, or screen-share on a video call while still being able to lead instruction from your teacher view of the Code page:



Is your pop-up blocker keeping the tab from opening?

It's possible that your browser settings will block the PRESENT tab from opening.  If that happens, you need to enable pop-ups from the TechSmart platform after your first attempt at opening the tab.




NOTE: This should only need to be done once per computer.


To enable pop-ups:

  1. Click on the pop-up icon on the right side of the URL bar (see above picture)
  2. Select the option to always allow pop-ups from the TechSmart Platform. 
  3. Refresh the page to load the additional tab(s).


Number Of Presentation Tabs That Appear

Depending on the settings you selected when creating your class, you may either have one or two additional presentation tabs appear when using the Classroom Setup Button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png.

If you need to change this setting, you can do so by editing your Class from the Classes page.



The Projector Settings are found in the Course section.


When the Combined (1 presentation tab) option is selected, opening an activity in Presentation mode will generate one tab to be shared on your classroom display. 




When the Separate (2 presentation tabs) option is selected, opening an activity in Presentation mode will generate two tabs to be shared on your two classroom displays. 



note: CS10-30 Skylark classes do not have this setting and will always use 1 presentation tab that can be toggled between displaying Slides or Code.


Moving the presentation tab(s) to your extended display(s)

NOTE: It is important that your computer is set up to have "Extended Displays" when completing this step. 


Where you drag the presented tab(s) depends on how your computer has arranged the additional display(s). The additional display(s) could be to the left or right of your main screen, or even above or below! So be sure to check your display settings to find what works best for you.

Click and drag the presented tab(s) off your main screen and drag it to the other extended display(s) so that it is viewable for students. Then resize the new window as necessary by either adjusting manually or using the full-screen option. 


Return your mouse cursor to the main TechSmart Platform tab on your computer’s display. You’re ready to teach!




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