How to Navigate an Assignment Activity


Assignment Tab

You can find information about the assignment in the Assignment Tab, as well as linked files that may be relevant. There may be assignments that require you to answer multiple choice and short answer response questions on this tab, but it is predominantly used for instructions and assignment requirements.

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Code Assist Tab

Look to the “CODE ASSIST” tab on the left side of the page if you need to find coding terms while in an assignment. You will be able to select between different sections of coding concepts to find the terms you are looking for. You can also search for a specific term using the search bar at the top of the code assist tab.

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Project Tab

write and create gif


Turning in an Assignment

To turn in an assignment, you must have the assignment opened. Once opened, click on the pink icon with a white arrow at the bottom right corner. When you turn in the assignment for the first time, you will be prompted with a message asking for the level of comfort and enjoyment for the coding exercise. Once you have answered the prompt, click “OK,” and your assignment will be submitted.


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