Mac Extended Display Setup

  1. Start by opening up the System Preferences

  2. Then click DisplaysScreen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_11.45.42_AM.png

  3. Now; the option for Mirrored Display will be auto selected. Simply click the checked box to un-select this option.
  4. At this point, there will be two screens. One is the main screen that will be teacher facing. The other screen will be student facing. This difference is marked by a white bar at the top of the blue demo window.

  5. Drag and drop the student display to be ABOVE the teacher's screen. Just as shown below.
  6. Now make sure that the resolution between these two displays is as similar as possible. 

  7. Go to the Display section of the STUDENT FACING WINDOW and select the Resolution option that is the best match for the Teacher facing window.
  8. Now open up an activity on TechSmart and drag the student slides/code to a projector to see the results!
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