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How to share slides/code with students

  • Go to the Lesson Plan for your class
  • Left click on the lesson you wish to teach
  • Then RIGHT click to "open link in new tab"
    • this is not necessary but it can help you keep track of where you are in the lesson for the day
  • Once the lesson is open make sure the slides also opened
    • if they didn't auto open simply click the Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_12.13.28_PM.pngbutton located on the right hand side of the center section
    • Select slides from the drop down menu
    • The slides should open in a new tab
  • Drag the slides tab so it becomes its own window
  • Continue to move the slides window till it is located where you present
    • This might be a projector or a screen that the students can see
  • Use the Screen_Shot_2021-08-16_at_8.30.10_AM.png tab to teach from
    • You will have notes given for each slide
    • When you will code along with your students you will get prompted to switch to code view
  • To switch to code view; find theScreen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_12.13.28_PM.png button located in the center section, slightly to the right. Then in the dropdown menu select "code"
    • The window that has been showing the slides will change to reflect the code you work on.
  • Do all your code in the Screen_Shot_2021-08-16_at_8.30.10_AM.png tab. You will be given instructions on what to do in the right hand panel called Code Instructions
  • If needed to can switch bake to slides by using the Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_12.13.28_PM.pngbutton again.
  • Once done with a lesson you can move on by going back to the tab with the Lesson Plan open. Then you will be able to open the next lesson or instruct students on Coding Technique Practice, Code Writing or Warm Ups.

Videos for students

Videos are great if you have some students coming in later or you are planing to let students work at their own pace. We recommend you record your own videos; but understand this isn't always an option. If you find having our videos would help please let us know by emailing us at support@techsmart.codes 

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