2/22 Spring 2021 Student Art Contest



TechSmart Art Contest!

Hi TechSmart Teachers, 

We're excited to announce the first ever TechSmart art contest! We know that many students have artistic superpowers. We can't wait to see creative designs for a sprite - a computer graphic that can be moved on screen - from our visually creative coders. 

Winning entries in the Elementary, Middle School and High School categories will have their artwork transformed into a sprite that will be available in the TechSmart Platform Asset Library for students across the country to use!

The deadline for submissions is March 31st.

Printable Contest Rules for Students
How to Enter
Students can enter by following the link below and filling out the submission form. If you have trouble using the button below, just go to http://bit.ly/techsmartart . 

Skylark teachers - please note that elementary school students may need a bit of help submitting their artwork. It's a short submission form, but younger students may not know how to upload an art image. 
Student Art Submission Form
Please Remember: Sprite art submissions are due by March 31st
Sprite Ideas
Students can submit any kind of sprite idea - realistic or fanciful, people or objects, etc. They can also create art in any medium. If art is created on paper, students can just take a picture of their artwork and submit a photo.

We can't wait to see what your students create!

Your Colleagues at TechSmart

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