Objectives, Topics and Alerts Sections Overview


The Teacher's Guide, shown in the lower right section of the page, is a resource for you to use when you are prepping for a class. The Teacher’s Guide has 3 sections: Objectives, Topics and Alerts, and provides you with a quick reference to use when preparing for a lesson.



In the Objectives section, the Learning Targets and Learning Objectives for the lesson are provided. Each lesson is designed with learning objectives organized into 1 of 6 Bloom’s Taxonomy categories: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.


The Topics section provides a quick reference of the new computer science topics and the coding commands and structures introduced in the lesson.


The Alerts section identifies some Tricky Points and Errors you may run into during the lesson. These are the areas where many students will have problems. We have identified these areas so that you are better prepared to help students when you encounter these issues in class.


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