Recording Live Instruction with Zoom


If you are managing blended classes that have live remote instruction and you need to create asynchronous resources for students, recording Zoom instruction so that students can view again later can be a great way to save time in creating video assets. 

Recording Live Instruction

Step 1: Open a Lesson

From your teacher view, open up a lesson. You should see the "Code" tab and your student-facing "PRESENT CODE/PRESENT SLIDES tab".



Step 2: Make the PRESENT CODE/PRESENT SLIDES tab a New Window 

Pull the PRESENT SLIDES/PRESENT CODE tab down to create a second window. The PRESENT SLIDES/PRESENT CODE tab should now be it's own window, like in the image below.



Step 3: Share the PRESENT SLIDES/PRESENT CODE tab and start recording

Watch the video below to see how to select the specific window you want to share (in this case, the student-facing PRESENT SLIDES/PRESENT CODE tab) and then start your recording. After instruction, your Zoom recording will be stored either locally or in Zoom cloud, depending on which setting you selected when you started recording.


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