Switching Schedule Layouts


Feature Summary

Teachers have the ability to switch between the Standard and the Alternating option after the class has been created. This will allow teachers to alter their Lesson Plan schedule configuration when schedules change throughout the year. 


How to use

  1. In the Schedule section of the Class Setup Wizard, teachers can select between the Standard and the Alternating option after the class has been created.
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  2. Make the changes to your Schedule as needed then press APPLY in the Summary section to update your Lesson Plans.
    • If you select the Standard option, input your schedule then press APPLY in the Summary section..
    • If you select the Alternating option, no additional information is needed. After selecting, go to the Summary section and press APPLY.
  3. Your Lesson Plan will update on the day that you switched schedules in the Class Setup Wizard. 
    • When switching between schedules, it determines the best point to switch over to the new Lesson Plan layout and in most cases this is fairly accurate.
    • In some cases there are duplicate assignments from what you may have done before. In this case, these are automatically skipped for you. 
    • You may have to make minor adjustments to your Lesson Plan on the day that it was switched depending on what you have done prior or what you are planning to do. Make changes by drag and dropping activities or adding and removing empty days to best fit your plans. 
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  • Thanks for this explanation. I was afraid to try it, thinking that it might affect the whole year including those days already taught. Once again I have found that you predicted our needs.

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