Favorite Video Recording Tools: Loom


Loom is one of our favorite screen recording tools! It integrates right into your Google Chrome browser, and we like that it simultaneously records the teacher's video and audio in addition to the PRESENT SLIDES or PRESENT CODE tab. It also saves your videos to a handy online library connected to your google account, which is helpful for schools and districts that use G Suite.

Here are the steps for using Loom to create instructional screencasts for your students:

Step 1: Download Google Chrome extension

Go to loom.com and sign up to add the chrome extension. When installed, the extension will show up as an icon in your browser toolbar like in the image below.


Use the menu above to select the settings you prefer - generally, we recommend sharing only the PRESENT CODE/SLIDES browser tab (not your whole desktop) and enabling the webcam so that students can see your face as you teach. 

Step 2: Use and Practice Recording

Test out this tool by recording your video with the PRESENT CODE/PRESENT SLIDES student-facing tab selected. The video below shows how to start/stop a recording, and how to select the particular tab that you want included in your video.


For more information about Loom, check out their User Guide here.



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