Teaching Remotely With Video Conferencing Software


(double click the video to zoom in)

Below are the steps for screen-sharing that are covered in the video:

1. Open activity from the day-view page on the TechSmart platform using the classroom setup button.  Two tabs will load in the browser window.

2. Click and drag the "PRESENT SLIDES" tab down until it separates from the "Code" tab to create a new browser window.  You should now have one browser window with the "Code" tab and another browser window with the "PRESENT SLIDES" tab.

3. Go to your video conferencing app and select to share your screen. 

4. Select to share the window that has the full first slide showing from the assignment you opened.

5. As you navigate the slides or are switching between slides and code on the teacher view,  the "PRESENT" view you are sharing will respond accordingly.


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