Setting up 3 Screen Display


This guide is designed to walk you through setting up three separate screens for your classroom: one containing teacher-facing guides and solutions, one for the projected slides, and one for the projected code editor. The teacher-facing screen on your computer will be used to control the slides or code being displayed on the student-facing screens.


Extending Your Display

Each operating system has a slightly different set of steps required to extend the display. Click the appropriate link below to follow the steps for your computer’s operating system.

Once you have set your computer to “Extend Display” continue to the next section


Open activity with Classroom Setup Button

The Classroom Setup button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png can be found in the Lesson Plan Day View by clicking the grey drop down button Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.26.25_PM.png in the teaching files section. This button only needs to be used when you are opening an activity while connected to a projected display.

There are three different options to select from when opening an activity: Prep, Teach, and Other

Prep: Used to prepare for class

Teach: Used when an activity is taught in class, will automatically unlock when opened with Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_4.22.47_PM.png

Other: Used to create a new version of an activity (useful if you want to start over)


Enabling Pop-ups


If you have pop-ups disabled, the additional tab(s) will not open and you will receive an Enable Pop-ups prompt.

When this window appears, click on the pop-up icon on the right side of the URL bar. 

Select the option to always allow pop-ups from the TechSmart Platform. 

Then, refresh your page to load the second tab.

Note: This should only need to be done once per computer.


Moving the additional tab to your display

Two additional tabs will appear to the right of your main tab.


The main tab is for you as the teacher. The LEFT tab is your slides and the RIGHT tab is your code editor - these will be displayed to students using a projector or display. You will need to move the new LEFT and RIGHT tabs over to your projected displays to finish the setup. Move the LEFT and RIGHT tabs to whichever screen best fits your classroom.

Click and drag the LEFT and RIGHT tabs to off your main screen and drag to the other extended displays so that it is viewable for students.

Tip: Depending on how your computer arranged the display, this could be to the left or to the right. It helps if you are facing the projected display while doing this and not trying to look behind you. Ensure you drag the tab entirely onto the projected display, not just partially.

Finally, expand the tabs on the projected display so that it is full screen, and return your mouse cursor to your computer’s display. You’re ready to teach!


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