Professional Learning Calendar (2024-2025)


Every TechSmart course has corresponding Professional Learning consisting of a Teacher Coding Bootcamp that is required before teaching the course. 

These Teacher Coding Bootcamps provide teachers with the depth of knowledge and strong coding fluency they need to instruct computer science curriculum with fidelity and rigor.

Each Bootcamp introduces the teacher to the TechSmart curriculum, the teaching platform, and the pedagogy used when teaching the course.

Bootcamps are conducted virtually, through Zoom video conferencing. They are broken up into several modules, and teachers can select a track that fits their schedule and class needs.

To learn more: What is my Zoom Training Going to Look Like?


Registration Process Overview

To ensure a healthy instructor to participant ratio, the number of spaces in each Bootcamp session is limited. Some dates may fill up quickly – we recommend requesting your preferred dates as early as possible.

It is the responsibility of the teachers or their project director to register for the Bootcamp session(s) they wish to attend. Teachers should work with their administrators to choose dates that work. These are full-day Bootcamps, so substitute teachers may be needed during the school year.


Skylark Block Coding

CST10: Coding in Skylark 1
CST20: Coding in Skylark 2
CST30: Transition to Python

Python (100 series)

CST101: Coding in Python 1
CST102: Coding in Python 2

Python (200 series)

CST201: Coding in Python 1
CST202: Coding in Python 2
CST203: Coding in Python 3
CST204: Coding in Python 4

Web Development (300 series)

CST301: Coding in HTML and CSS 1
CST302: Coding in HTML and CSS 2



Skylark Block Coding





Python - 100 series




Python - 200 series







Web Development - 300 series


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