TechSmart Account Creation & Rostering


Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

Account Creation

When districts are set up with TechSmart to use a SSO provider such as Classlink, Clever, or Google accounts are created for students immediately upon initial sign-in when using the SSO provider. 

eg. If the student signs in for the first time using Clever a new account will be created for them. 

NOTE: Teachers and students who have a legacy (TechSmart issued username) TechSmart account should link their account to use the SSO provider of their choice once SSO has been set up at their district. Read more...


Each class created has a Class Join Code that students will enter to join a class. Read more...

NOTE: TechSmart uses the Class Join Code system to provide the teacher with greater control over their roster in the TechSmart Platform. This makes supporting the OneRoster standard for integrations with Classlink or Clever unnecessary. 


Manual (No SSO available)

Account Creation & Rostering

Account creation and rostering is done together in one step during the Class setup process. This is what teachers will do if there is no SSO option available at your district. Read more...


    1. Teacher downloads a roster template
    2. Teacher fills out the roster template
    3. Teacher uploads the roster template to the TechSmart Platform for that class
    4. New accounts are created or existing ones are found and added to the class. 


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