Gradebook Status Overview



When does an assignment show up in the gradebook?

  • Once an assignment has been turned in, the details section of the gradebook will update with the evaluated status of the assignment. 
    • Refresh the page to get the most up to date status in the gradebook.
  • Any assignment that is not started will appear as a blank cell in the gradebook. 


What does each symbol mean?


Symbol Meaning Description



Not started This assignment that has not been opened by the student. Color will vary depending on assignment type. 


Not started This assignment that has not been opened by the student. Color will vary depending on assignment type. 
Screen_Shot_2022-02-23_at_10.38.02_AM.png In-progress This assignment has been opened by the student but has not turned-in yet. Color will vary depending on assignment type. 



This is the symbol for a turned-in assignment that receives a credit or no credit evaluation. 

Assignments that are evaluated as credit or no credit include Instructions, Lesson Notes, Lesson Videos, and all Skylark (CS10-30) assignments


Code Line Count Comparison

Variations of this symbol will display for turned-in assignments that are evaluated based on the number of lines of code written. 

Assignments with this evaluation method include Python code writing activities such as Teacher or Student Coding Exercises, Coding Technique Demo's and Practices.

Click here to read more about how these assignments are evaluated based on line-counting.


Code Comprehension Autograde

Used to evaluate Python code comprehension activities where there are questions to answer in the Assignment panel.


Assessment Autograde

Used to evaluate all Python assessment activities including Lesson Checks, Quizzes, and Tests. 



Any assignment that is late has this icon appear by the assignment status.

An assignment is considered late if it has not been turned-in before it was due (Activities are due the next class day after it was last assigned).


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