The Pre-Apprentice Internship Process



Students wanting to be considered for the internship must apply using the following link before the listed date. 

Apply for the 2023 Spring internship here


If the application is not currently active and you'd like to ensure you are notified when the next round begins please email to be added to the email list.


Zoom Interview

Potential candidates will be contacted via email to meet via Zoom to see their willingness to learn, drive and interest in tech. 


Candidate Notification

Anyone who has passed both the application process and the Zoom interview will be notified via email that they have been accepted into the internship program.


First Day of the Internship

Interns will be expected to show up for this as well as all weekly meetings during the 12-week internship.


12 week Internship

Interns will be responsible for completing 5 hours of work each week. One hour of this will be accomplished by participating in the Monday Meeting.  The other four to a task of their choosing. To see the types of tasks the interns will be completing, refer to the FAQ section.


Last Day of the Internship

At the conclusion of the 12 weeks interns will perform an exit interview to see what they gained during their time with TechSmart. Each intern will have entered the internship with their own goals in mind. These range from being able to communicate better with peers, coding in Python, time management, or understanding the industry. The exit interview gives interns an opportunity to reflect on whether they achieved their goals during their time with TechSmart. . 

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