TechSmart Pre-Apprentice Internship FAQ


How do students apply?

Students apply using the following link. They will be asked to:

  • Create a cover letter
  • Answer several questions
  • Record two one-minute videos

Will it take up school time?

The internship is designed to be completely after school. Taking only 5 hours a week. The Monday Meeting takes place every Monday at 3:45 pm PT (4:45 pm MT, 5:45 pm CT.) Interns will decide when to work the rest of the 4 hours. 

Is it a paid internship?

No. This is not a paid internship. We do however provide assistance with:

  • college essays
  • resume writing/review
  • networking in the tech industry
  • career exploration

Is there a minimum age?

We only require that the students applying are currently attending High School (grades 9-12)

Is there a need for parental permission?

We don't require parental permissions. All intern information stays confidential. We do recommend students tell their parents that they are applying though.

What kind of work will they be doing?

Interns have a wide variety of tasks to choose from. Each topic below contains subtasks within them, but some of the main types of tasks include:

  • Writing Help Center Articles "For Students by Students"
  • Building/Creating Classroom Resources
  • Curriculum Support
  • Learning Python
  • Create Solution Code for Teachers
  • Make Videos for Students


Please reach out to with specific questions or concerns regarding the internship.

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