How to Help Your Student(s) Apply to the TechSmart Pre-Apprenticeship Internship


Inform Students About the Internship Now

It is best to let students know about this opportunity as soon as possible. Providing them with all information about the internship will assist them in making an informed decision on if they should apply. Below are links to more articles with information about the internship:


Send Them the Link to Apply

Students are able to apply using the link below. The application requires that students submit: 

  • A cover letter,
  • Short-form essay responses
  • Two, 1 minute-long recordings introducing themselves and why they want to pursue an internship with TechSmart

Link to Breezy application (available when the application is live)

If the application is not currently active and you'd like to ensure you are notified when the next round begins please email to be added to the email list.



OPTIONAL: Allow them to apply in class

  • This is encouraged if several students want to apply
  • Greatly benefits students with limited, at-home computer access
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